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He has also done quite well in the annual Character Battle contests held on GameFAQs.[24] The April 2002 edition of Electronic Gaming Monthly made a hoax that Sonic Tails were unlockable in Super Smash Bros. Melee by defeating 20 Fighting Wire Frames in Cruel Melee. This turned out to be an April Fool prank when the cheat was entered.[25] Even then, it went widely believed to the point where Nintendo Power had to create a blurb to try and explain the origin of the rumor while not indirectly promoting EGM by mentioning the magazine name.[specify] Before leaving Sega to form his company, PROPE, Yuji Naka stated that he would have asked Nintendo to put Sonic in Melee, but "time constrains did not allow us to continue with this idea."[26] In August 2006 however it was confirmed that Sonic was the most requested third-party character to appear in its sequel Super Smash Bros.
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