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Around 6,nike air max.30am this morning the armed bandit jumped over the counter plus threatened celine handbags price a 20-year-old woman employee by Costa Coffee at Antelope Park among Southampton,jordans for sale.
Wielding a black-handled colossal pantry knife he demanded that she open a secure.
The bandit namely described because a white male surrounded his twenties who namely 5ft 7ins plus of small fabricate He wore climate max grey tracksuit pants which were inside out; a African jacket over a grey hooded nike wind 90 top a African hat plus a beige scarf over his face.
He took away a great many of coins and notes in explicit plastic cash bags with ruddy plus African writing aboard them,jordan 13.
Detectives lack apt listen from celine bargain anyone who saw the mulberry bayswater bandit leaving Costa plus fleeing up Bursledon Road,aur max australia. They likewise mulberry factory mart want apt hear from anyone who finds the distinctive cash bags,jordan for sale.
Detective Sergeant Jamie Wiseman celine luggage mini said police also absence mulberry daria to understand almost anyone who seems to have acquired cash recently alternatively who namely seen getting rid of a large amount of coins.
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