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But seeing them like house pets tamely having a meal right outside someone's front door was something else altogether,, and realizing what they were eating was utterly bizarre; they were feeding on cans of cat food!
THE ISSUE: HB 130, which allows the teaching of the Old and New Testaments in state high schools, is before the Senate Education Committee today.WE BELIEVE: This bill is neither needed such classes already are legal nor wise. It is a back-door effort to push Christianity into the schools.TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Contact us via emailat .Thankfully, many statement bills have fallen by the wayside in this session of the Legislature.Good examples of those were the efforts to force ultrasounds on women having abortions and seeking to declare a fetus a person at the moment of a heartbeat. Both of those simply were about staking out pro-life positions, and they were rightly killed.Another religion-based measure comes before the Senate Education Committee today, and it should die a swift death, too. House Bill 130 would add language to state law that says schools can offer students in grades nine and above elective, for-credit classes on the Old and New Testaments.But wait. Isn t it true that school districts in Wyoming already have this right? Well, yes.So what is HB 130 really all about?House Education Committee Chairman Matt Teeters,p90x dvd, R-Lingle, put it this way: There might be districts interested in possibly offering it, but they don t think they can. … (So) what (HB 130) does is it clarifies that we understand … that it is perfectly appropriate. So lawmakers are passing a law that says the law says it already is legal?Clearly, this is about more than that. It is a back-door effort to push Christian teaching into classrooms across Wyoming. If you doubt that, note that the bill only mentions the Old and New Testaments. What about the Koran? Or the Bhagavad Gita? Or the Sutras? That they were left out makes it clear what the sponsors priorities really are.Oh, they will declare otherwise. Hear the bill s sponsor, Rep. Stephen Watt, R-Rock Springs: You ll notice there is absolutely nothing about the Christian faith or Christianity there. It is very simply about culture, literature, art … This is not about furthering Christianity. But what option do HB 130 s sponsors have other than to mislead the public? If they declare their true intentions, they will be laughed out of the Capitol or chased off by those who know the implications of such measures.A guest column in the WTE recently pointed to the problems with Bible bills. Sponsors always paint them as having innocent motivations. And then they use them for questionable teaching.The piece was written by local teacher Mark Elliott and religious studies expert Mark Chancey,monster beats, who studied the results of such a bill in Texas. Among other things, it yielded classroom discussions on creationism, what life will be like in heaven and what fruit Eve ate in the Garden of Eden.No, Mr. Watt, those are neither historical nor cultural. And they are more appropriately discussed in churches, not classrooms.It is surprising that Mr. Teeters supports this nonsense. He and Senate Education Committee Chairman Hank Coe,Chanel Handbags, R-Cody, have done a masterful job of fighting to raise the state s academic bar by pushing accountability onto the public school system.But there is nothing about HB 130 that will make Wyoming s schools better. Indeed, if this bill becomes law and it is abused and it will be impossible for the uber-religious to keep their hands off it will move the schools in the wrong direction.Senators should not allow HB 130 to proceed any further. To pass it would be to make a mockery of this state s school reform efforts.
Las Vegas does, however,Chanel bags, serve as the location for some rare moments of heartfelt emotion. One comes courtesy of Melissa McCarthy, in typical scene-stealing fashion,chanel outlet, as the pawn-shop clerk who turns out to be Alan's trashy, mulleted soul mate. The guys also revisit Stu's first wife, ex-stripper Jade (Heather Graham), and find that she's living a happy suburban life with her son,p90xdvdrose, who's now 4. The child actor who plays him, Grant Holmquist, was one of several infants used in the original "Hangover" as Baby Carlos and is the one featured prominently in that film's posters. It's a nice touch.
He resided in Tewksbury Township for 42 years before moving to Raritan Township, three years ago. After graduating from the Admiral Billard Academy in 1944, Mr. Kenyon served his country in the United States Navy during WWII. He graduated from Purdue University in 1950 with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. In his early adult years he played drums with various professional jazz and dance bands.
He was a hockey guy down to his roots, a smallish fella (I later learned his buds called him Elfie) who on the outside looked tough as leather. Chris skated fast, and shot the puck hard.
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